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MX5000 Two Way Color Remote

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Product Description :

MX-5000 Two Way Color Remote Control

Personal Browsing
MX-5000 is a 2-way wand-style touch screen color remote that provides network control of many popular IP-based components. In addition to its stunning design it offers a fully customizable GUI on a large color screen that sends vibrating “haptic” feedback confirming each button selection.

Haptic (Touch) Feedback
MX-5000 Remote Control revolutionizes touch screen operation for all time! It’s the first remote control utilizing haptic technology, which confirms button presses with a click you feel.

Not Just Color, Animated Color!
Powered by a 533MHz ARM9 microprocessor, the MX-5000 is designed for animation. The powerful central processor enables quick, fluid page transitions and animated macros.

Engineered to delight both the eye and the hand
MX-5000’s bright, vivid color touch screen is mounted in a remote control where every surface, every contour, and every button has been designed to feel “right.” Since WiFi 2-way delivers so much more fun, you’ll need twice the battery life of other products and the MX-5000 Remote delivers it invisibly, without excess weight or bulk. The weight is perfectly positioned to balance in your hand. Contours are shaped and molded into the back so that your hand can find the perfect position. The entire rear is covered with a soft texture that feels perfect against your palm.

Browse cover art, artist, album and titles from your iPod via the PSX-2 or a PC on your network
The revolutionary wand
MX-5000 brings the power of WiFi networking to the home theater, without compromising simplicity. The high speed of the built-in 802.11 B/G WiFi transceiver enables the MX-5000 to display lists of artists, albums or songs and to display the cover art of the selected album on the Now Playing screen of the remote control from the PSX-2 Personal Server. The MX5000 offers two independent communications and control methods simultaneously. It provides both a narrow band 418 MHz transmitter for instant control of conventional home theater components and a WiFi transceiver for high speed transfer of cover art, artist, album and title metadata. 

Advanced Personal A/V Server: PSX-2
CE Pro editor Julie Jacobson called it “the best product of CES 2009.” The PSX-2 turns any iPod into an advanced A/V server with onscreen GUI. It provides 2-way on-TV content browsing and selection with cover art plus hundreds of discrete IR commands that enable “one touch to music” programming. It also offers on-remote GUI when installed with URC’s award winning MX-6000,
MX-5000 or KP-4000 keypad. 

Internet Connection Provides Real Time News, Sports, Weather and Stocks
When the MX-5000 Color Remote is connected to the Internet, pre-programmed modules enable instant access to personalized news, sports, weather and stocks. Unlike other devices, the MX-5000’s news, sports, weather and stocks modules are user-configurable without a programmer or a PC. On a whim, you can check out the opposing team’s scores, or get the weather forecast for a vacation destination. 

Real Time Volume Display on the MX-5000 Screen
Whenever you adjust the volume or press the Mute button, the MX-5000 pops up a dynamic link to your IP controlled Audio Video receiver (the URC 2-Way database includes popular IP controlled products from Denon, Yamaha, Integra and B&K) and displays
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