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MX-850 Programmable IR/RF Remote Control-find comlete details, cost of sale in our store.
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MX-850 Programmable IR/RF

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Product Description :

MX-850 Programmable IR/RF Remote Control

No More Pointing - RF Capabilites

Radio Frequency (RF) operation provides up to 100' range though walls, floors and doors, indoors or outdoors. Self-adhesive "emitters" affix to the infrared sensors on the front panels of your components. The emitters relay IR commands to components out of sight to the MRF-250's/MRF-300's RF base station front blaster. The emitters plug in to the MRF-250's/MRF-300's RF base station rear flasher line outputs via their 10 foot cables. Six flashers with visual feedback are included with each MRF-250/MRF-300 RF base station.

RF Addressing Offers Up To 15 Equipment Locations

The MX-850 can be programmed to operate equipment placed throughout the house, by installing an MRF-250 or MRF-300 RF base station at each location. In operation it's simple: when you select a device located in the home theater, the MX-850 talks to the RF Base station (either MRF-250 or MRF-300) in the home theater. This makes possible a dream come true! A macro may be programmed to turn off all of the TVs in the entire house with one touch. Simply install an additional MRF-250 or MRF-300 at each TV location. 

RF Routing Allows For Control Over An Array Of Identical Components

The MRF-250 and MRF-300 RF Base stations enable your installation to control up to six identical TVs or other identical components (VCRs, CD players, etc.) by routing your commands only to the device you select on your MX-850 Remote Control. The other identical TVs will not receive commands. This allows you to have independent control of identical devices. Very useful with devices such as cable boxes, those usually are the same make and model throughout the house. 

Controls Up To 20 Components

The MX-850 Remote controls up to 20 components. Each of the 20 components can be programmed with up to 4 pages of LCD screens, plus the 33 hard buttons. The MX-850 allows you to edit the text on each LCD screen exactly as you prefer (up to 26 screens with 10 buttons per screen, for a total of 260 available text buttons and up to 5 characters per button) 

Windows Based PC Software

The MX Editor software contains over 1,500 "code sets" of Brands/Models, including hard to find and specific discrete codes that allow for precise control of all system components. MX Editor software also has the ability to learn new commands and Live Update the IR database over the internet, guaranteeing compatibility with any component you may add to your system in the future. MX Editor can be used on a Mac if the user has a Windows 98, XP emulator, or ME, 2000.

Extensive Macro Programming

The powerful memory of the MX-850 Programmable Remote Control offers up to 912 potential macro buttons. Each of these macros can play back recorded sequences of commands that completely automate a complex system with one touch. A macro can record and play back up to 190 steps with time delays between steps when desired. For example: a single touch to the ON button could turn on the TV, the surround sound system, and the satellite receiver, then set the TV to the correct video input, the surround system to the right audio settings, and finish by selecting your favorite satellite TV channel.  

50 Favorite Channels

The MX-850 allows the user to program up to 50 favorite channels and the 5 LCD screens will display the favorite channels that are programmed. This allows the users to access their favorite channel with one simple button press.

Download User Manual for MX-850 Programmable IR/RF 

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