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Sharp PN-L802B Refirbished Touchscreen LCD Monitor
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Sharp PN-L802B Refirbished

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  Brand : SHARP
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Product Description :

Sharp PN-L802B Refurbished Touchscreen LCD Monitor

Model Sharp PN-L802B is a highly intuitive integrated touch screen LCD monitor. Sharp PN-L802B Monitor sales in the store as Refurbished. PN-L802B Monitor in a nice work condition and added a powerful after restoration.Sharp PN-L802B is used for business with the communication needs, such as academic institutions,telemarketing,communications institutions and other. For example, Sharp PN-L802B  usually is installed in a boardroom, sales floor, auditorium.
Monitor PN-L802B Sharp is bright, energy-efficient LED backlighting and large, 80/70/60-inch high-resolution display provides maximum satisfaction both to the user and the viewer.
Sharp PN-L802B Provides the following possibilities:
1. Implement Education Conference
2. Implement Discussions/Presentations
3. Implement Connectivity with Other Equipment:
      •scan-capable Sharp MFP
      •multi-screen configuration of Sharp PN-V602/V601 monitors
      •it easy connects to PC
      •the bundled Sharp Pen
      •Touch Application Pad
      •Interface Expansion Board (PN-ZB01
4. Gives possibility to use a large archive of Software for work with external devices and to handle data from them.
5. Implement dual-touch functions
6. Implement to use IR detection system
7. Implement Outstanding Image Quality in Three Sizes
8. More other functions.
Note: Depending on the system, separately sold peripheral equipment may be required. Consult your local dealer for more information. 
Specifications for Sharp PN-L802B Refurbished LCD M0nitor
Sharp PN-L802B Refurbished Touchscreen LCD Monitor 


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