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Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller |
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Master Controller

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Product Description :

Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller

Model KD-MC1000 - Master Controller for Compass Con1rol (Wired/LAN, supports up to 8 Ports)
Key Features
i0S Backbone: First major control system built from the ground up using Apples i0S devices — iPad@, iPad® mini, iPhone@, and iPod touch®
Total 8 Ports: 6 MCP35“ multi-function l/O Ports, 1 Relay/Contact Closure Port, l ZigBee® Wireless Port
      •MCP35“ Multi-function 3.5mm l/O Ports can be programmed to be one of the following Functionalities: bi-directional lR, bi-directional RS-232, Voltage Level output, Voltage Sensor input, PCM Audio sensor input or Composite Video Sensor input
Bi-Directional ZigBee Wireless 2.4 CH1 Port: Dedicated for operation of ZigBee® Wireless 2.4 GHZ 8. IR Universal handheld remote (KD-ZRC300 and ZigBee® Wireless 2.4 GHZ Tx & Rx KD-ZRX200
USB Support: USB port tor ?rmware upgrades
Built-in IR Learning: Front-facing lR window enables learning of IR codes from external IR remotes
LAN: Direct wire to LAN via RJ45 
Relay Control: Control external equipment with one set of switchable contacts. Any multi-function 3,5mm port can be convened to Contact Closure using KD-CCXR200 Convener
Real-Time Master Control: Allows user to store variables and events internally with/without iOS device
Compass Navigator: PC Editor allows fast and easy programming
Device Configuration: Allows all functions and integration into Compass Control® Project via lP and Compass Navigator“ software
Complete System Control: Audio, Video, Lighting, Shades, HVAC, Security, Climate, Music and more
Control Distribution: integrates with all Key Digital® Control Routing HDMI Switchers to expand the control system and add control ports
No need for PC or Mac in the system: All system performance is controlled by iOS device and KD»MCl000 Master Controller
Compass Alliance Partners: Pre-loaded code sets - Full Partner Listing System Design Example
Reliable i0S Integration Features
IP Connectivity Stabilizer: Stable and constant TCP/IP socket created by KD-MC1000 with IP target devices via Telnet or HTTP regardless or iOS devices status
Event Handler: Scheduled events & actions based on iOS time and calendar variables including:
      •Schedule Mode: Schedule and execute timer events from iOS device and/or KD-MC1000
      •Schedule Sensing Mode: Execute events triggered by voltage or video-audio sensing by KD-M01000

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